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Solar panels can have much power?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-07

the global resources crisis has affected people's life, a lot of energy have begun to price increases, so people begin to study how to use renewable energy, such not only can effectively save money, can also save non-renewable resources waste. People began to use water to generate electricity, the use of solar energy to generate electricity, the use of the renewable resources, bring great help to our life. Now many people are using solar power to save money. So using solar energy is inevitable to use solar panels, solar panels power can have how old? Let the solar panels below small make up to well explain to you.

how many solar panels can ability, is the efficiency of the panels as part of the requirements, as a traditional solar panels, although every day under the sun, but the conversion rate is not high, household type solar panels now, its energy conversion rate can reach 15%.

when in use, should pay attention to regularly check sundries solar panels have without block, need timely removal. In order to ensure the best use effect. When buy we want to choose according to the actual situation of the family, according to the size of the house, you need to use the how much power to choose to buy, to avoid the do not conform to the usage of the equipment.

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