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Solar panels, how to deal with dirty?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-06

in the power of investment amount is large, clean the main method is to use a lot of pressure of panels cleaning machines and manpower to clean. It takes input high labor costs, and tedious manual labor for a long time. Using high pressure cleaner burden is too big, there will be a solar panel module ( Generator parts) Have the hidden trouble of the fractures.

human when cleaning, four people wash panels, with 4 ~ 5 days. Standing due to use cleaner, with flowing water for cleaning, after the feel tired, the quality of the cleaning is very easy to appear the good and bad are intermingled. And still have to use erase panels surface water marks and cover panels external architecture and maintaining the boundaries of laminated glass is very easy to deposited oil dirties. Use cleaning robot, will not have this kind of problem, and can improve quality of cleaning. And account for the increased revenue generating role beyond the cleaning fee.

people can easily pick it up. Two hands catch on the chassis assembly handle, put the robot in the right of the array. Before and after open the power switch, the assembly in the rotation of the brush in action, an independent driving down the panel upward. With built-in lithium battery, power plant and no cable. Straight forward, robot will not fall off from the border around the panels. After the robot by dirty panels into their original luster and color.

the robot to fully independent driving, clean, open the power switch started after the outgoing message. In order to achieve the independent driving, robot assembled around the four sensors. About the sensor detects the solar panels vertical border, known as the lines after correction circuit to drive forward. Before and after the upper row to the array, and sensors to detect the front not panels after the stop, according to the aforementioned behavior not to clean the area move to the left.

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