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Solar panels of the cracked should how to avoid?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-06

we know that there are many now outside lighting are solar street lamp, solar panels are also has some problems of it need repair, we in the road on both sides of the street lamp, park plaza landscape lamp, solar panels can be seen, so think so joined the design of solar energy, don't need a grid, can meet the demand, while reducing installation costs, also greatly save the energy, reduce the pressure of the mains.

but the solar panels are made of new material, it is very likely to happen cracked, the cracked by the naked eye is hard to find, their presence will accelerate panels components of power attenuation and, in turn, affect the whole life, so must be good control. Once there is no good control, cracked the consequences would be lead to collect current can be normal, which will disable cell part or all of the failure, affect the power output of solar panels, cause its continuous attenuation, affect its life.

and the cause of solar panels also have various cracked, the cracked is different, the effects on the solar panels is different also, but also need not too nervous on the solar panels of crack, it is ok to pay attention to distinguish, but this does not mean that can lightly to the panels of crack problem.

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