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Solar panels of the lens damage what should I do?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-06

now in our life, the popularity of solar street lights is very broad, for solar street lamps, the use of solar power generation, it is the most important is, of course, solar panels, and solar panels of the conversion rate directly affect the power generation of solar street lamps, but most of the time some subtle problems solar panels, is that consumers find directly, so for us also causes great losses, so the solar street lamps factory today about the simple explanation for everyone.

solar panels are made of crystal materials, because crystal is fragile, so easy to crack. But it is difficult to directly observed with the naked eye when buy, but if the crystal on the panels of damage effect to the grid panels, back to the street lamp current only can't normal transport, so the power of solar street lights will lead to damage to the final directly cause the damage of the solar panels, but if broken crystal is vertical with the main line, does not affect the fine line, the solar panels can also be used normally.

that's manufacturer to explain for everybody to solar panels solar street lamps crystal damage identification method, and can cause what consequence of simple introduction, hope can bring you some help, can let more attention subsequent updates on this site, articles of value through this website before.

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