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Solar street lamp installation steps

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-12

now social high speed development, the dark night originally is also now be solar street lamps to adorn. Solar street lamps using solar panels to power supply, using LED lamp as light source, instead of the traditional street light at a time.

and each time the installation of solar street light is also need to be very careful of the steps. First of all is that we need to determine the position of the lights, see need to street lamp stand where I can be more appropriate. If the geological condition is bad, you may need to deepen the depth; During casting engineering and we always use vibrators vibration, such ability can guarantee strong solar street lamps; After finished all the steps, must will debris to clean up and go to regular watering.

second, battery for installation need to be strong, and can't problems; The internal battery installation is the same, should take put down gently, and can't problems; Finally is solar street lamps and lanterns is installed, will all aspects after all fixed, and check each part is strong again, light work is normal, of course, we also should pay attention to safety protection, not to install solar street light and hurt yourself.

we at the time of installing solar street lamp, mainly is for solar energy, so we can't give the battery components to keep out, because it can be for storage of solar energy in the sunlight.

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