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Solar street lamps and the difference between ordinary street lamp

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-15

the sun's radiation generated energy is infinite, has no pollution to environmental protection. Use sunlight to make the electric energy, it is during the day in the sun with a special kind of batteries, absorb the sun's heat into electricity. Solar street lamps and there is a big difference between ordinary street lamps, we also said that the sun in front of the how to generate electricity, solar lighting lamp and what is the difference between ordinary lights?

solar lights and the difference is the energy of ordinary street lamp, they are a use of solar energy, one is the use of electricity. The second is when installing the difference between them, solar lights is a whole system without wiring and switch. There is security, most of them are low voltage solar street lamps, no harm to the person, ordinary street lamps need connection will appear the leakage situation threat to security of person. And the price difference, a lot of parts solar lights, the price is quite high. Two kinds of lamp has its own advantage, still should according to the actual situation. In some places the sun is obscured, if use words is equivalent to no street lighting, solar street lamps at this time is about to use electric lights, electric lamp is bigger, the application scope of unable to illuminate the sunshine place can use, electricity can light. Sunlamps while good but many places are not applicable, so we want to install rational street lamp, street lamp, after all, is a lighting effect.

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