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Solar street lamps common problem how to solve

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-14

solar street lamps FAQ is nearby. Lighting is a, the second is the quality and safety. If you want to keep the lasting lighting level, you must choose a trustworthy manufacturer. In addition, the country now attaches great importance to this aspect. Both in the urban construction and in the beautification of the old residential area, it is necessary. As the capital of liaoning province,, lighting engineering more and more get the attention of people. In order to complete the solar road lighting lamps and lanterns of good construction, should first consideration in the process of choosing outdoor lamps and lanterns, in order to ensure the safety of the outdoor lamps and lanterns.

solar LuZhiGuang description

at present, the structure mainly there are three types of solar street lamps, is among the common form of structure, linear structure and inversion structure. Due to the P and N electrode electrode in the same side of the solar street light, so the forward has a simple structure current crowding and high heat resistance phenomenon, and straight structure is a good way to deal with these two problems and achieve high current density and uniformity. With the traditional metal wire - Bonding implants after bonding method and compared. Traditional chips by metal wires are connected to the substrate bonding, its electricity facing up, and flip chip, electricity and face down this is equivalent to the former, so it is called the 'flip chip'.

as the world's most populous country, China due to the high energy consumption and high emissions of traditional lighting, faced with huge energy consumption and pollution discharge pressure. Therefore, in order to sustainable development and to buy as a general solar street light green ring, the Chinese government may consider more than the price of solar street lamps appearance quality. In industry, however, solar road lamps, it is necessary to reduce the price. Is not we don't pay attention to the price, but solar road lamps and lanterns is commonly used in a different environment, it is important to the proper operating environment. The insurance industry support strength in constant increase. Represented by the LED street light green lighting is gradually change the way China lighting

in addition, provide excellent power factor correction and even in support of three-terminal two-way thyristor switch that move light emitting diode drive applications, solar street lights also need of emi filter. If the resonant characteristics lead to the input current is lower than the three-terminal two-way thyristor switch to keep current, three-terminal two-way thyristor switch will be closed. Again, after a brief delay TRIAC usually conduction, trigger the same resonance.

in the past two years the solar street lights kill more light domestic case, although everyone is aware of the light attenuation is the cause of the high power led street light can't work for a long time, but they are beginning to realize that reduce light attenuation is an important method to improve heat dissipation. In spite of this, from shenzhen, the 27 national semiconductor industry association group planning power leds lamps and lanterns of enterprise product testing results, good light attenuation is 8% after 1200 hours of light, the difference was 26%, the average of 14%. Mostly manufacturer of lamps and lanterns of light attenuation is still not satisfactory.

in many old residential area, many residential light pole lack of lighting. Due to the dark roads, many residents travel is very inconvenient. According to the national road lighting design standards in residential areas, general requirements set up along the road one lamp posts. Street lamps need to install in 20 - Also need to 30 meters, the light control upward the brightness of the light.

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