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Solar street lamps factory explain why street light will be bright in the daytime?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-15

now for solar street light I believe you have heard, especially in recent years, because of corresponding to the slogan of green environmental protection, so many parts of the environment have the condition of the case, will give preference to more environmentally friendly solar street light, but many people in the use of solar energy street light can see that some time during the day, street lamp will light, solar street lamps factory so simple to explain for everybody.

first of all, we can check the solar panels and panel, when we found that the panel problems, solar panels is not to contain battery, solar street lamps control panel problems, so in the sunlight, into electricity directly led to the street lamp in Bai Tianliang. Is because the controller is another case against the negative, so the controller was burned down, we can put the two connection of the solar panels quickly touch once, see if there is a spark of bursts with, if any, are negative adjust can, but if there is no spark, will be very troublesome, need to contact a specialized solar street lamps factory down the street lamp for maintenance.

that's when Bai Tianliang up solar street lamps, solar street lamps factory processing methods, can want to bring you some help, more content can also be related to update before looking at this site, if you have any questions, also can contact us directly or through a message and we thank you for your attention to this site again.

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