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Solar street lamps factory teach you determine solar street lamps light source

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-06

now is the development of the time soon, even some remote areas is also has the existence of the solar street lamps, so how to judge the quality of the solar street light? Solar street lamps factory teach you looked at several aspects is ok. We know the solar panels, battery, such as accessories quality is very good, but not light quality, that is putting the cart before the horse, it still won't do, so want to ensure the quality of the use of solar street lamps, light quality must pass.

now the solar street light existence lies in the night can bring us more light, the light source is very important, do not meet certain bright line, it is not good. Then look at the shape of the light cast on the plane, this is the first standard of judging the lamps and lanterns out light quality advantage. Because of good quality of solar street light on optical processing must be very by spectrum, light efficiency is relatively uniform round. If has the virtual shadow shadow, light efficiency is the lighting effect is not good, our eyes will be very not adapt.

and light source color temperature is also need to consider a key, it's not reasonable to color temperature too low or too high, appear warm color temperature is too low, although the impressions will give a person with more warmth, but the lighting effects is easy to give a person the sense with sleepy, the driver of this time to need to stay awake, can be very dangerous.

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