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Solar street lamps factory tell you how to distinguish the street lamp quality problems

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-05

for most buyers purchase to solar street lamps and the quality problem is more seriously, certainly also very much like the service life of the solar street light can be a little long, so today solar street lamps factory and share in buying solar street lamps of the various components of the quality problem of how to observe?

1。 Panels

waist to see if there is any leakage welding welding class, because if the quality of welding plate is good, panels has a high conversion efficiency, the lights for the run efficiency will be better.

2。 Controller

now on the market in general has popularized the smart panel, so the controller can also be more effective to save energy, more effective regulation of power, for the use of street lamp intelligent control is more, but it is important to note that when buy observations on the back of the silica gel is evenly distributed, if there is a drop in the glass panel on the silica gel, must be timely cleaning.

3。 Battery

because now use lead-acid batteries are whether satisfied, but also to unstable, so it is best to choose the lithium battery, not only on the service life is better, on the capacity, heat resistance and have a great advantage.

this is in to buy solar street light on quality choice can consider and pay attention to the three questions, if you have any questions can contact us, hope can bring you some help.

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