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Solar street lamps for new rural construction

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-14

a few years ago, a lot of rural youth can choose 3, working away in succession, investigate its reason, is too backward rural construction, road construction is not perfect, lead to travel is very difficult, information also lags behind in the village, the infrastructure is not perfect, people can only live a sunrise, whether he lives, but a short few decades, the new rural development is now hot, not only has the village lay the cement road, once upon a time on the way I also installed solar street light, but now there are a lot of the city over the weekend will choose organic, people not only depend on the land have a meal, also can develop a variety of production and operation.

see mentioned above change, had to sigh the importance of infrastructure construction, especially installed solar street lamp, also provides great convenience for the people, the former road impassability, dark night, no one to play, because infrastructure up to now, attract more and more consumers, but also for investment promotion and capital introduction, the villagers get rich also provides a new development direction, young migrant workers have also returned home before the construction of new countryside, has also made a lot of left-behind children, the elderly singles have a family.

that is about the solar street light role in new countryside construction, also hope that the advantage of solar energy street light can be applied in more places.

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