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Solar street lamps in use need to be aware of two problems

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-15

now as to the development and utilization of green energy, more and more consumers are choosing to use solar energy street lamp, that for many consumers, when choosing the solar street lamps must hope can prolong service life, so small make up some simple explanation in the use of solar energy street light for you when we should pay attention to what problem?

1。 Continuous rainfall in summer

although now production technology of solar street light got a lot of ascension than before, even in the rainy day, because with electric storage facilities, also can maintain the solar street lights shine, but for some parts, if you have any rain for a month in the summer climate, is as far as possible not to use the solar energy street light.

2。 Snow accumulation

in the winter, most areas in China will usher in rain snow, but after the snow, we will timely clean snow, there are a lot of people to be lazy, not to clean up the snow on the solar street lamps, hope oneself can melt, in fact also nothing important question, but most of the time, because the temperature is lower, so it is easy to freeze at night, in the long term, for the wastage of the panels is larger.

the above is about the solar street light in use process need to pay attention to two questions, hope can bring you some help, more questions can also focus on subsequent updates on this site.

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