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Solar street lamps lighting flashing will adopt method of maintenance

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-11

at present a lot of things is to adopt energy saving, especially some public goods is the case, street lamps are appeared earlier but early street lamp still have a lot of problems. Of course actually used before or less will not use special dense, so even if appear what problem also can get a quick solution so you also won't feel too much inconvenience. But is now currently need to use a lot of demand becomes very high, so I need to use more energy efficient solar power but this also can appear problem. Like common lighting when lights flash, there will be several methods in solar street lights maintenance will be users to check to solve this problem.

is easier to think of a reason should be the cause of the electricity, in winter and the weather is, of course, will appear this kind of situation, after all, the sun appears a relatively short time. But generally not very intuitive to see if there were no electricity so I can check a few days ago the weather is not very good, it is better if could be other problems. This time you can try to change the lamp bead, if after the replacement of this would happen or can rule out the problem of light source damage.

if you are not that even a question you will have big trouble may be lines, and may also be because no longer contact is very sensitive, or the number of battery too long after checked for replacement.

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