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Solar street lamps manufacturer of solar street light energy conservation and environmental protection?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-05

the streets there are now has a solar street lamp, the solar street lamps factory production of energy conservation and environmental protection of solar street light? Actually for what we have now the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, green society, solar existence is very big, in the application of solar street lights, solar itself, in addition to the standard device, in the aspects of energy-saving, environmental protection, green, plays a very important role. Our solar street light is not able to shine is ok, still need to do some optical design, to be able to meet the demand of various lighting, often said to an optical design, usually in the process of packaging design.

now our design is to make the light on the desired lighting area, so that the solar street light light energy from the whole system can meet the design requirements, in the design process, used in the basic optical element such as lens, reflector and folding plate. And solar street lamps need is covering a wide area may be rectangle of light illumination, the design technique is also gradually perfect, in the aspect of energy conservation and environmental protection is not only has a certain concept, also in particular application technology is a breakthrough, so the characteristics of solar street light itself, can guarantee the efficiency of light, and light to the required lighting area, further improve the light efficiency, achieve the goal of energy saving.

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