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Solar street lamps manufacturer share solar street light time adjustment

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-06

why the solar street light is dark and dawn can know? Because of its controller's control time, that how to adjust? By solar energy street lamp manufacturers to introduce the below time is how to adjust the lamp.

solar street lamps at the time of the factory, usually according to customer requirements for setting up working time, the opening and closing of the street lamp is the controller in the decision, in what is now on the market many of the remote control to adjust, this kind of remote control is to adjust the working time, is to configure the remote control.

a remote control panel is there will be a corresponding option. First to boot, some of them are solar remote control is a press any key to boot. Shutdown is a minute no button operation, the system will be automatically dormancy.

after the boot is can press the '+' '- 'Button to set parameters. Browse to set parameters, and then press the set key, this time parameters to flicker, and then press the '+' '- 'Key parameters can be adjusted, such adjustment, press the set button again to confirm.

then send parameters, set the parameters, to press the 'send' button on the controller and send good after adjustment, the controller on the three LED lights to flicker, and remote control of nights, and when to send after the failure, from three short is remote control, is such a hint send failure.

this is the time for solar street light on how to adjust the content of the introduction, because on the manual of solar street light is there will be how to set up a time, so the instructions is to be well preserved.

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