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Solar street lamps manufacturer to solve how to choose the right product

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-15

now with the popularity of solar street light, so the factory has started a lot of solar street lamps, so also appears on the market for a variety of solar street lights, but there are a lot of cutting corners on quality of products is also went to the market, so consumers can make a lot of times can't correct judgment, so is a disadvantage, so today small make up take you to learn how to select solar street light products.

is first solar panels, because it decides the conversion rate of solar street light, so it is very important, there are a lot of products with low quality panels welding exists many problems, so the effect of using cannot reach the best state, the second is the led lamps and lanterns, many manufacturers in order to reduce the production cost, lamps and lanterns is does not have the radiator, so life will be greatly reduced, and the light pole, because we all know that all the year round solar street lamps, the wind and rain, especially light pole as the base, if the corrosion resistance is bad, can cause for pedestrian safety hidden trouble.

that's when choosing about solar street light can consider some problems, hope can bring you some help, if you have any questions or need anything, also can leave a message or contact directly with us, thank you for your update on this site.

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