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Solar street lamps manufacturer to tell you that the controller is how to work

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-05

clean energy, solar energy is accepted night rural wonderful period, and YiZhanZhan solar street light is best line, not the noise of the city, when night comes to trigger the controller light lamp, as this kind of street lamp technology is more and more mature, also worry about not sufficient lighting lamps can't work, solar street lamps factory today to tell you that the controller works.

more careful people will notice that in the morning brightness to achieve a standard lamp will shut down, when it is dark in the afternoon to a certain amount of time and light lamps, this is the automatic adjustment of street lamp open mode, this mode has not all street lamps, part of the solar street lights can be controlled by special resistance components of light intensity, which is in the early morning sun light intensity increased, after the internal resistance decreases slowly closed street light, the same dark, light is more and more weak internal resistance is more and more big, the lamp is lit is triggered, another kind of control mode is timing model, this model is the mainstream of the current model, in the middle of the street light the system can be set the opening and closing time.

in general the lights light up the time is later than the winter summer, this is because it is dark in the summer time is late, it is not necessary to set the street lamp open early, that is a waste of resources, staff only need according to the actual situation in the control room of the modification time.

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