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Solar street lamps manufacturer to tell you the limits of solar street light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-15

with the green idea is put forward, various kinds of clean new energy into use gradually, and the solar energy as a kind of development of new energy for a longer time, its development and have been used more, and the use of solar street light is one of the common way, through the use of the manufacturer of street lamp, solar street lamps can save power, at the same time guarantee the normal use, but in fact, solar street light is not everything. There's mastercard & it at the time of installation, or to be equipped with wire, this is because of its defects, so what are the specific problems need to solve? Let's look at.

first is the problem of storage, solar energy street light, nature is the need to use solar energy to work properly, so if it is where the light is insufficient, can't use solar street lamps, and in some areas there are instances when, one day, the sun illumination time is not much, can't meet the demand of the normal use of solar street lights, so on this area, it is not suitable for the use of solar street lamp, of course, with the development of the solar street light technology, for the solar energy utilization is higher and higher, more and more so to be able to use solar energy street light area.

and then the cost problem, compared with the ordinary street lamp, solar street light due to the much more complicated, so the installation cost is higher, so many places in the past are not suitable for using solar street light, but with the gradual development of technology, lower the cost of a solar street lamps, finally certainly can be spread to most of the region.

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