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Solar street lamps of three kinds of radiator

by:CHZ     2020-09-13

we are in the use of solar energy street lamp, for our consumers, certainly hope can prolong the service life of the solar street light, so for the solar street light, if you want long life, heat dissipation problems is very important, because whether it's solar panels in the transformation heat or in storage heat will produce very big quantity of heat, so for solar street lights, heat dissipation is a very important problem, then follow the small make up together to learn about the common cooling ways.

1。 Thermal conductive plate

usually by means of thermal conductive plate heat in the solar street lamp is installed on a copper plate, so in use process, if produce heat, will spread the heat in the above, so the heat will be average dispersed, so they can have the effect of heat dissipation.

2。 Heat sink

this ever found in has not used, because the weight of the radiator comparison, in meet some extreme weather, if carelessly fall, will Joseph vehicles on the road for some of the personal damage.

3。 Acicular heat

this is now one of the most commonly used solar street lamps cooling way, not only in the cooling efficiency with great amplitude on, and on the waterproof effect has also been greatly improved, but also lean on the design of the weight and volume, in use process, safety performance is also improved a lot.

the above is about the three ways of solar street lamps, hope can bring you some help, pay more attention to content may be subsequent updates on this site, if you have any questions, can also be website through the link to let us know.

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