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Solar street lamps what are the common problem

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-13

1。 If the lamp lights do not flash in the sunshine, what should I do?

this is the fourth key customers willing to ask questions. If this problem, people have to do a thing to do is check the rechargeable battery according to the light is on. If not bright, control panel and the connection between the rechargeable battery cable will fall off. For you, people will have to hire professionals to contact.

if the circuit is normal, people must check whether the working voltage of rechargeable battery is normal, otherwise, the status of the control panel will be very bad.

2。 Solar energy lamp solar components must be toward the south?

it is well known that the solar energy lamp is based on the solar panels absorb energy, and stored in rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are used to in the evening to discharge lamp, 6 meters long solar street lamp manufacturers make solar light. Then, the direction of the photovoltaic power control module determines how much natural light, solar photovoltaic panels can digest and absorb and how many electromagnetic energy can be converted into electromagnetic energy. If the direction is wrong, the sun can be absorbed less and less, so the light in a very long period of time are not easily bright, or won't bright.

solar photovoltaic cells are generally faces south, so solar energy battery components can digest and absorb a lot more average optical radiation. But don't worry too much about, because the general manufacturers according to the situation in the area to design the tilt Angle of solar photovoltaic panels.

3。 Solar energy lamp solar panels are easy to bad?

solar photovoltaic panels is very strong, solar lights solar panels composed of strong tempered laminated glass control panel. Reliable manufacturer to detect hail from solar photovoltaic panels, so this kind of solar energy lamp solar panels is not easy. Even if the heavy rain or hail, it must also be horizontal extension.

4。 Solar energy lamp can be installed in the region of the visor?

solar photovoltaic panels to digestion and absorption of any solar energy can be converted into electromagnetic energy. When installing solar photovoltaic panels in the shade, it absorbs less sunshine, the output of the rechargeable battery is relatively small. Usually, when installing a solar energy lamp, there is no need to install it on the visor, and it is necessary to bypass the shelter to avoid wind and rain. Because it is not afraid of the wind and the sun, so it can digest and absorb sunlight all day, this is good for the operation of solar lamp.

5。 Solar energy lamp clean plate must clean once each quarter?

solar lamp solar panels can't dust for a long time, because solar photovoltaic panels can't digest and absorb sunlight well. If the control panel surface with a black shadow, rechargeable battery served power circuit is cut off. But usually, do not need often clean solar panels, because in the rain, it washes away the dust on the solar panels. If it doesn't rain for a long time, and sometimes to clean solar photovoltaic panels.

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