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Solar street light damage to the three main reasons

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-14

in the pursuit of product function and appearance at the same time, also can do it, energy conservation and environmental protection, because of such advantages, solar street light is becoming more and more popular, and for the solar street light as long as the sun can according to the place where you can shine, make many remote area power equipment drawbacks can also make outdoor lighting, lighting at night to bring very great convenience. Get the favour of many consumers, that when used for solar street light in our life, what are the reasons cause damage?

1。 Instantaneous over-current, generally is the instant power switch, or the voltage and current is not stable, cause instantaneous solar street lamps light source instantaneous CLP, this time will be very short, but the moment the damage is very big, can affect the service life of lamps and lanterns.

2。 Overheating damage

in general will install the radiator solar street lamps, but a lot of time, because the radiator used for a long time, may be the accumulation of more dust, so will cause the cooling effect will be more bad, can affect the service life of lamps and lanterns.

3。 Water damage

because water is electrical conductivity, so at the time of sealing problems of lamps and lanterns, continuous rainfall, partnership in water, not handled in time, will cause water conductive solar street lamps.

the above problems is the solar street lamps use common three reasons, the hope can bring you some help, pay more attention to content can be further updates on this site.

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