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Solar street light green? How to choose and buy?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-14

the electric energy is not unlimited use, electricity may also be used up one day, the solar energy into electrical energy can be used for a long time, it is very green, there is a kind of very green design. In many solar energy production, solar street light most famous! How to choose and buy solar street lights, many are asking, today just for a minute.

the first: the subject material, generally good all steel structure of the solar street lamps are used, also use hot galvanizing for processing as a whole.

the second: the controller, in general quality of lamps and lanterns of solar street lamps will use a dedicated controller, can achieve the effect of intelligent control, also can have a look at its protection grade, using temperature light source type, as well as light pole height and so on, these can be used as a reference.

a lot of road surface tops are solar street lamp, absorb the solar energy during the day, night can be very bright, shining on the road is also very clear, very good quality, and production of solar street lamps factory also has a warranty for the solar street light; Consumers can use without any problems.

solar street lamps in the widely used, not just a lot of other cities are also choosing yes solar street lamp, because good quality price is reasonable, so use is also very much, in decorating a sections haven't install the lamp, can use the solar street light.

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