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Solar street light heat dissipation problem how to solve

by:CHZ     2020-10-14

with the wide use of solar road lamps, more and more people to understand the industry of all sorts of problems. Street lights are common in our life, but the origin and development of street lamp shocked us, now they has developed into the solar street light. The emergence of the technology to promote another scientific inventions, and promote the lives of us all. At the same time, it is necessary to solve various problems, such as how to solve the cooling problem and how to use the controller to keep the balance. The effect of this new technology is obvious, its energy utilization is also one of the social development need.

the people concerned about the scenery complementary street light heat dissipation is better than the traditional street lamp technology is more mature. It is well known that the led light source is commonly used in led scenery complementary street light, so its service life is long. Now, people in the led heat dissipation made more efforts and constant current. Effective heat dissipation helps to control the temperature of the led lamp, so as to prolong the service life of led scenery complementary street lamp.

the cost of solar road lamps and lanterns is relatively low, its total operating cost significantly lower than the single built a computer room and the cost of renting a dedicated circuit connected to the Internet. High reliability, provide professional room service operation for 365 days, professional and technical personnel responsible for the maintenance, the network stability and higher safety performance. System design of the space is very small. In addition, the low cost control effect quality. In the past couple of years, the traditional light source, will increase. Conclusion is that the conventional technology will greatly reduce the cost of the solar system.

in shenyang, the surface of the solar street light is beautiful is very important, must be surface security processing. Once surface treatment does not reach the designated position, not only light can damage, and, more importantly, the children are in danger because of climbing. Because the light is the metal material, used outdoors, as time goes by, it will rust or corrosion. Light pole, therefore, must go through surface treatment. Processing method is generally used on surface of electrostatic spraying technology, a layer of isolation paint and coating on the surface. This not only can solve the problem of corrosion and rust, can also meet the requirements of customers for the street light color.

as the world's energy shortage, environmental protection and energy saving with more attention paid to the solar energy, solar road in the utilization of lamps and lanterns also unceasingly to enhance. With the continuous development of solar energy technology in China, shenyang xin ding tai solar road lamps factory with its unique characteristics to occupy a certain market share.

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