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Solar street light if you want to use the maintenance of the long time must pay attention to these points

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-14

although said that while installing solar panels can be a good way to energy conservation, but for living in cold areas, snow can cause big problems, so, how to increase the output of solar street lamps at the low temperature? For 30 w solar street light can be widely used in every region, even in the cold can also be of use, you will need to timely in addition to the snow, when in addition to the snow can use a tennis ball. Use vibrations in bounce tennis in the tilt of the panels to make snow slide would be a good way. , of course, also can use other tools, so it will make the generating system of 6 m solar street light effect is good. Solar street light is one of the popular energy-saving lamps, it adopts the crystalline silicon solar battery power supply, valve control type sealed and maintenance-free battery ( Gel battery) Store electricity, highlighting the LED as light source, lamps and lanterns and controlled by the intelligent charging and discharging controller, can bring about many benefits to our lives, and the solar street light how should maintain?

controller in connection with the order should be followed: first to load, then the battery and solar panels. When the battery is connected, the controller of free indicator, a minute later, a discharge indicator, open load. Connected to solar panels, the controller will be according to the light, into the corresponding working condition.

if there is a charging current solar panels, controller charging indicator, the state of charging. Controller connection do not change, according to the working status indicator light to check the corresponding working condition.

second, note also the use of solar panels:

( 1) Don't let hard or sharp impact plate solar street lamps, or solar panels will be damaged.

( 2) In use process need on a regular basis to clean solar panels. Keep the surface clean, otherwise will affect the conversion efficiency.

( 3) Don't let some things (during use Such as branches, billboards, etc. ) Block surface, otherwise will affect the conversion efficiency.

( 4) The needs of the solar installation tilted toward south 30 degrees.

your battery is needed in daily use note:

( 1) Buried box need to seal, can waterproof; If damaged or broken buried box should be timely replacement.

( 2) The battery is negative sub is forbidden; Otherwise will damage the battery.

( 3) The service life of battery generally in two to three years; After this period of time after the battery need to be replaced in a timely manner.

there is installing solar panels can be big Angle, which reduces the snow accumulation, the trouble of removing snow from time to time. Or install solar street lamps from place to keep a little distance, snow will not slip in the accumulation at the bottom, so slowly accumulate to cover the entire battery components.

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