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Solar street light lifting needs to pay attention to

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-14

installed after all components of the light pole and testing the light source, can lift the solar street light. Before lifting, prepare the corresponding materials and tools, spray paint, card clasp wrench, reinforcing bar, hammers, hex, nuts, washers, etc.

the first clean the base surface, in order to facilitate the installation. First, install the rod body and by more than 1 m. At this point, the overall direction of the adjustments panel and should be fixed. ( During the period of adjustment, according to the region to the direction of the sun, solar road lamps and lanterns manufacturer of new rural area has been adjusted to the south and firmly fixed) 。 At the same time, clean the dirt on the body, and in the area of serious local friction paint repair processing.

in the process of solar road lamps and lanterns manufacturer of lifting, pay attention to the direction and speed of the rod body, with special hand hold light pole, so as not to hurt. In the process of lowering of the rod body, must be slow, and in a direct and crane driver. Many people cried with a loud voice commands are strictly prohibited. After filed a retaining ring, pay attention to prevent the rope off. If necessary, in the rope is a rope, in order to take the rope.

when the solar street light pole falls, be careful not to pressure cell line, slowly drops; Tighten the screw should be symmetry, m2-m24 above nut torque rod length not less than 1 should be used. Two meters. Four feet should force uniform, in order to keep upright.

when installing solar battery components to handle with care, it is strictly prohibited to solar cell components short circuit.

the joint of power cords and wiring, solar lamp posts and threading with silicone seal solar cell components, battery components of cable should be firmly fixed on the bracket, prevent the power cord end for their long-term prolapse, or pull loose or fall off.

when installing solar street lamp holder and lamp to handle with care, to ensure the pervious to light cover clean no scratches.

mobile battery, do not touch the battery terminals and the control valve. Do not short circuit or scrolling battery.

connection when the note is negative, it is strictly prohibited to reverse connection, terminal crimping firmly without loose. At the same time, attention should be paid to join order, it is forbidden to make short circuit.

don't touch the solar energy battery components and battery at the same time '- 'Very, avoid shock.

the installation process to avoid scratch solar led street lamp body.

on the head, arms, solar street lamps light components, solar battery components, such as bolt connection is firm, no loose.

when installing the solar cell module, you must add protection board.

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