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Solar street light not bright

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-15

solar street lights brought great help to our life, driving at night also don't have to worry about the line of sight, also bring huge security at night. But because of the solar street light is also a larger equipment, if we are in the installation, or when use appeared some problems, so can cause damage or malfunction of the equipment. If we installed the solar street light, found without light, street light or brightness is not high, so how to judge the fault? Let solar street lamps factory, tell you a good about it.

first of all we need to check whether the light on the controller is normal, it will have two lights, if the two lights are not bright, is likely to be the controller failed, probably because affected by the current caused by short circuit, and so on and so forth.

common problem is that because there was a problem in power source, the damage of the light source, it can lead to solar street lights can not work normally, prompted a flashing light or not. We will replace a new light source or is for maintenance.

there are may be because the solar panel malfunctioned, as everybody knows, accumulation of solar street light panels are needed to give the power, if is a problem here, so will lead to less than solar energy collection, is not very bright.

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