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Solar street light on what the market advantage

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-15

this kind of green energy is solar energy solar street lamps have been developed, the use of a common method, and the solar water heater, solar street light the method of using solar energy is different, through the conversion device, will absorb the solar energy into electrical energy storage, to wait until the time required for use, can say the use of solar street lamps, illustrates the use of solar energy is gradually mature, but as a new street light, solar street light is with what was send range use? Let's look at below.

first, self-sufficient, solar street lamps is not restricted by regional circuit. As is known to all, is the life of people use electricity is unified distribution by related departments, when the line need to repair or some accident, there may be areas of power, and the affected is not only residents living electricity, the power of the street lamp is also limited, so the traditional street lamp lighting have the limit, the solar street light is different, its power is supplied by itself, so not affected by power outages.

then, solar street light with longer life, traditional street lamps will be because of problems such as voltage supply, and appear super load, or underpowered affect, this will affect the service life of street lamps, and solar street light, there is no this problem, because of the power supply is stable, so general rarely failure problem, were able to ensure the service life of the natural.

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