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Solar street light panels damaged will cause pollution?

by:CHZ     2020-09-13

a lot of people are now rob resources, but is the inexhaustible solar energy resources, so the solar street lights, solar panels can be sunlight into electricity, brought great convenience to outdoor lighting, but a lot of people might think of a problem, solar energy as a kind of new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, greatly reduce the pollution to the environment, but at the same time may involve another problem. It is for the use of these new energy equipment, such as solar street light panels damaged discarded, isn't it also causes pollution of the new?

in fact is we don't have to worry about this problem, because it is now our material can be recycled, so should handle only proper, also need not worry too much about solar panels scrapped after will bring new pollution to the environment, or cause resource waste, and then for scrap solar panels, and how should we deal with?

we nature is certain classification, if in normal panel is damaged, you can also save repair, be careful not to touch panels with his hands, and panels after dead, also don't careless, you can still have the risk of electric shock, so would wear gloves or rubber gloves and so on by better insulation glove, cut off the risk of electric shock. And cable, if there is bare cable requires it binds it, avoid electric shock.

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