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Solar street light pole set have what requirements

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-13

solar road lamps and lanterns is not only need lighting project, also need equipment, such as lamp, solar panels and energy consumption of the cable running costs. Then, determine the root of the lamp is very important. When light lifting directly to the foundation above, reduce lamp, slowly rotating light pole together, adjust the lamp cap towards the road, with long holes of anchor bolt at the flange plate. After the flange on the basis, 30, in turn, put a flat pad ( Or 24 flat pad) 30, elastic cushion ( Or 24 elastic cushion) And (( Or m2-m24) Nut, level, is used to adjust light pole of straightness.

traditional street lamps use less and less is our attention. The main reason is that the traditional street lamp power is low, low illumination brightness, let a person can't see the distance. As a result, traffic accident is very simple. Most street lamps are in the same way, the scenery is gone. Therefore, we are focusing on the use of more effective, more efficient, more environmental protection of solar road lamps and lanterns.

solar road lamps and lanterns is the key to a management role in the whole street lamp system components. Its major function is the comprehensive management on the battery. A good solar street lamps should according to the characteristics of the accumulator set various key parameters, such as battery over charge and discharge points, restore points and charged state discharge control, etc. Choosing a street lamp controller, controller connection parameters need to be paid attention to restore in particular, because the battery voltage since the recovery characteristics. When the battery is in a state of over discharge, cut off the load controller, and battery voltage recovery. If the controller do not have the right to set the parameters of the point in a certain time, the lamp may flicker, shorten the life of the battery and the light source.

solar energy street lamp life of up to 100000 hours, the quality is up to 500000 hours. Therefore, shenyang xin ding tai long working hours, solar street lamps brightness is satisfactory, convenient for our travel and light vehicles. Shenyang construction equipment simple solar street lamps and street lamps, also can save a lot of electricity, put money into other projects and promote the social and economic development of the city. In the future, enter the consolidate market share, strengthen independent research and development in the field of high-end lighting, is an insurmountable China lighting enterprise. And other work, solar road lighting are also facing the same predicament, the lack of high-end planning skills and high-end products. Believe that a period of time in the future, how to break through the difficulty in job skills and patent barriers still is the key direction of demand.

solar road lamps need scientific and reasonable planning. In addition to the above points, also need to consider all the structure of street lamp, especially street light wind resistance calculation and all the lights and the beautiful sex of combining urban road planning. In short, a lot of factors influencing the function of solar street lamps, not repeat one by one. Some people in the planning system, solar street lamps sunshine time often regarded as the peak time of solar energy. In fact, this is not correct, the planning result will lead to the instability of the whole system. Only grasp the detailed climate resource, the applied conditions and applied field, combined with practical experience, optimize the system planning, to guarantee the normal operation of the solar road lamps and lanterns.

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