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Solar street light rain corrosion proof how to do

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-12

a lot of people think solar street light during the installation process is very simple. If you want to play a role in the outdoor for long time, you must do a series of protection work on the light pole. This is very important. In general, solar street light is usually their own integration design. Manufacturer for them to make unique anti-corrosion treatment. Taking into account all costs, solar road lamps light pole is basically made by the customers themselves. How do you choose light pole anti-corrosion method? If you choose to painting, the painting is also very convenient, the effect is generally.

the current corrosion protection can be done in bluing of solar street lamps, the chemicals by strong oxidation, producing dense ferroferric oxide, so in this case, all corrosion can be more or less get to prevent, detect method also is more, strong acid or sodium nitrate oxide mixture concentration, at the same time, under the condition of high temperature, can be completed. At such a high temperature is easy to make iron toughening, this must according to actual condition to decide, but on the whole, the corrosion resistance of iron is very good.

if you want to for solar street light lamp for anti-corrosion treatment, electroplating method is very good also. This method is mainly by using the principle of electrolytic cell, but the surface has a relatively active metal plating layer, can choose in the process of electroplating zinc or tin, galvanized effect is better.

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