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Solar street light suddenly don't lit to how to deal with

by:CHZ     2020-10-12

a lot of people know the solar street light itself is a relatively independent system, their light source problem basically by photovoltaic panels and batteries work related. That, of course, a series of problems often lead to some abnormal solar street light work as a whole.

so, sometimes when the solar street light doesn't work, what shall we do? We first need to determine is the installation location of the photovoltaic panels. Their perspective is ok for you? It is still very important. In the process of the installation of photovoltaic panels, must have enough illumination, in order to have enough time and stable output power. Another possibility is that they didn't keep up with the overall distribution of power. In this way, the two types of cells may lead to excessive use, lead to insufficient charge.

in addition, if suddenly dawn solar street lamps, everyone should check the battery and the actual usage of auxiliary controller. The battery itself is in a state of charge, probably some of its capacitance is very small, or the controller Settings has a problem. In this case, should according to local actual conditions to determine the control of the photomask light-emitting time and degree of coordination.

in addition, there is light. Light source preparation must be conducted according to the actual situation of photovoltaic panels and batteries, cannot exceed the load. At the same time, a variety of different conditions must be integration and the elimination of one by one. If front of the street lamp is normal, seasonal factors can be considered.

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