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Solar street light system can ensure wet weather more than 15 days work! Its system is made up of LED light source ( Including the driver) , too

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-15

solar battery components generally choose monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell components; High power LED light source is generally selected LED lamp holder; Controller is usually placed in a light pole, with electric, control, overcharge when put protection and reverse connect protection, and more. The senior controller have the four seasons adjust the lighting time, half power, intelligent charge and discharge functions, etc. ; General underground or battery will have special battery incubator, can use valve control type lead acid battery, gel battery, iron and aluminum battery or lithium battery, etc. Solar energy lamps and lanterns is automatic work, don't need to dig a trench wiring, but need light pole device in embedded parts ( Concrete base) On. Below we chongqing solar street lamp manufacturers to help you learn about the solar street lamps are those characters.

1, good heat dissipation

in production people to pay attention to the characteristics of the street lamp cooling system, cooling system involves several basic and contemporary street lamps, one is die-casting aluminum, the other is aluminum, three is jiaqi should pay attention to in production and use of the radiator. Enough, a lot of street lamp manufacturers focus on 90 w heat dissipation type lamps, equipped with 120 w street light has saved the cost, if cooling device can't keep up with solar street lamps, you use the light failure

2, chip high quality

in use, but also pay attention to the led street light adopts led chip. Are main parts of led lights, chip quality how to affect the service life of the led street lamp, also involves many aspects, such as brightness, light color. General led chip quality is good, have the use of high quality characteristics.

3, long service life

in the process of using the led street lamp warranty time is also very important. Quality. Good led street lamp manufacturers warranty time is very long. General quality assurance of the time in the five years. , has a long time use efficiency, so to speak.

4, brightness ideal

the brightness of the led street lamp characteristics is also very important. Led street lamp brightness is an important factor, people choose led lights usually led street lamp brightness in 110 lm/W, the higher brightness and per watt, involving the higher the number of solar street lamp lumens.

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