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Solar street light there was some difference of lightning protection device with ordinary street lamp, mainly depends on the LED solar street light response speed faster than ordinary street lamp, thunder and lightning

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-11

wisdom lights

1, prevent direct lightning: just made by ShanQi rod body;

2, grounding: it is as the key, made from rod body discharge, ground net can certainly again according to the geological and soil, the grounding resistance of less than 10 ohms, in addition, the circuit system also should choose the right parts for grounding;

3, circuit: installation dedicated photovoltaic dc lightning protection device. Lightning protection device is designed according to the power supply voltage, LED solar street light circuit in thunderstorm weather due to the electrostatic induction or electromagnetic induction, produce peak voltage or sudden peak current, which will affect the LED solar street light equipment, serious when lightning damage to the solar street light also.

a, configuration, different causes of prices

LED solar street lamp installation process, will be installed to climate factors, so the street lamp system configuration is different in different regions. Street lamp system configuration is uneven, some high street lamp system configuration, some configuration is low, so it's hard to get manufacturers offer centrally. So general solar street lamps manufacturer will give users a system about the quotation, wait for the user to identify specific configuration to make the whole street lamp quotation accurate.

2, the production technology of different prices

for different solar street lamp manufacturers, the differences of production technology can also lead to each manufacturer for street lamp system quotation is not the same. Although the differences of different manufacturers in the street lamp production price is not big, but the production technology of different lamp quality differences. So the choose and buy of LED solar street light as well to the manufacturer in the field, seeing is believing, so also to great extent, ensure the quality of solar street light.
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