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Solar street lights maintenance and matters needing attention

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-12

in recent years, more and more areas began to use solar street light, because the benefits of it very much. You don't have to worry about it first to change often. Secondly, its price is higher, because it is the number of repair or less, can say this is the solar street lights maintenance, but because of all kinds of weather conditions or natural disasters, there will be problems, then you know what are all these common barriers? And at the time of maintenance and solar street lamps need to pay attention to what?

a all, solar street light bulb not bright

sometimes you walk on the road, will see a street light is not bright, that's because because of the rain or the weather mutations of these situations, especially in the rain, causes originally on the underground line short circuit, so may lead to tube not bright, or you can have a look at it is that part of the controller connection with rust, if any, could be controller is broken, if not, you can see the battery is damaged, if damage to the battery, it can replace the battery, of course, if no voltage outflow, so should be damaged by the panels.

2, solar street lamp lights flashing

sometimes see solar street light flash, it is generally because the line connection is not very good, or the battery without electricity, because if the battery capacity is less, so, of flashing lights, street lamps will route are guaranteed, so there is no problem, can consider to change the battery.

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