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Solar street lights maintenance found several phenomena

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-12

the solar energy is that we found more clean energy, and solar energy is as a kind of inexhaustible, inexhaustible new energy, with the development of the society, its emergence and the advantages of more cause he is slowly by people's concern and attention. And now there are many places have a solar street lamp, even in rural areas is the same. But the solar street light again good is bad, so is the solar street lights maintenance needed help.

we explain for everybody broke the maintenance method of solar street lamps, we sometimes see the phenomenon of solar street light the lamp is not bright, that's because used for outdoor lighting, solar street lamps are often faced with high temperature and rainy, cold rain and snow weather, and solar street lamps controller is usually installed inside a light pole, short-circuit phenomenon easy to cause the water to the controller. So it would be caused by the phenomenon of solar street light is not bright, so we need to first encountered such a situation to observe whether there is water rust is the terminal of the controller, if it is possible to controller is damaged, so is the need to replace.

and then again in to check whether there is voltage panels under normal working condition, the output current. If above all no problem, check the light source, only through to the light source power, to see if light, no light, replace the light source. If see flickering lamp holder, so of the cause of the fault line contact undesirable, battery capacity serious decline, we need to in line under the condition of no problem, replace the battery.

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