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Solar street lights maintenance how to deal with the common fault

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-11

in the process of using solar energy street light, often can appear after installation without light, and the reasons for this situation, solar street light itself exists the problem, it is also possible that there was a problem in the installation process, and these problems can be resolved by maintenance, then what are the common used to be the problem? To introduce the following solar street lights maintenance simple.

the first is lamp flickering problem, appear this kind of fault for the simple reason, is the power supply is insufficient, the possible reasons are: 1, poor contact; 2, battery capacity decline; So for solar street lights maintenance, check whether there is a line problem, then solve the problem of the battery.

and then the light on the problem of short time appear this kind of circumstance of the reason is that the battery capacity is not enough, but there are several reasons for this, some is not the lamp itself, but the light is not enough, so must first rule out the environment factors, then consider whether to change the battery solar street lamps.

is the last of bright lights, appear this kind of circumstance of solar street light is generally USES the array point light source, so at the time of maintenance, to check whether there is aluminum plate contact, if contact with no problem, then check the quality of the LED lamp bead if there is a problem, in general, is one of the two problems, or problems, you just need to be replaced.

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