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Solar street lights maintenance what are the problems need to check in?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-12

relative to the original electric lamp solar street light has its unique advantages, such as in the original installation will be in the ground before laying cable when the street lights, this is a very large construction projects, because sometimes a highway is hundreds of thousands of metres, need digging up the ground, and then put on protective tube first, in order to avoid power lines by corrosion damage in the soil for a long time, and then put the power line wear into the protection tube, backfill crown suppose street lamps, solar street lights maintenance need only to a fault street lamp maintenance treatment.

as a result of the traditional electric lights line is generally tied together, so if one the lines appear problem, you need a period of complicated dig the soil test, each has its own battery and solar street lamps circuit transmission equipment, so which one street light is not bright you just need to for the repairs to a street lamp, solar street lights because often suffer from feng shui, the rain outside so may cause the rain caused the problem of short circuit of controller circuit, can use a voltmeter to battery voltage detection, if the voltage meter shows that the voltage is lower than manual voltage of the battery is no power supply, want to replace the battery.

light department is not long on the light for a moment stopped for a moment, then it is possible that have poor contact or in the transmission line is battery power is not enough, also need to replace the battery, do solar street lights maintenance work, make the solar street light for pedestrians to illuminate nocturnal road, reduce resource waste of energy conservation and environmental protection.

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