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Solar street lights maintenance what matters need attention

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-12

driven by space energy water heater radiation source, solar lamp, solar photovoltaic panels absorb sun, rechargeable batteries to store the kinetic energy, the control panel operation rechargeable batteries and lighting lamps and lanterns, easy to use, does not need complex expensive plumbing, can freely adjust the lighting lamps and lanterns of reasonable layout, safety, environmental protection and energy saving. So, in the maintenance of Led solar light, we should pay special attention to what?

1。 Temperature harm

install solar lamp, do not need to spend too much time to maintain the original. However, due to bad weather, such as the summer rains and powerful typhoon people should check street lamp, socket and rechargeable batteries, sealing, in order to avoid water or cracks. If it happens to Led solar light, should solve first, lest cause safety accidents.

2。 Dust removal facilities

solar panels should wipe occasionally, otherwise they are easy to be covered in dust or other stains. When the northern areas under the snow, it is necessary to often clean up the snow, in order to avoid damage to the solar photovoltaic (pv) slabs the digestion and absorption of the sun.

3。 Temperature effects

in the exposure in the summer sunshine, the sudden cold winter will damage the led solar lamp. If the exposure is exposed to the sun for a long time, the Led solar lamp will be regular maintenance and maintenance. Summer, strong winds and heavy rains, and sometimes there will be struck by lightning. Good idea is to buy led solar lamp and lightning protection devices. Obviously, the new rural area of general solar street lamp manufacturers are fully considered this, so there is no need to worry too much.

4。 The harm of trees and flowers

Led solar light is also necessary to the extent of damage from the plants and trees, people don't understand the reason. In my opinion, this is because the countries pay more attention to green now, and people-oriented new solar lights project should correspond to flowers and trees greening projects. Summer winds and heavy rains, especially the temperature of the powerful typhoon, can cause damage to solar lights.

5。 Rechargeable battery

rechargeable battery is the key to the solar lamp. In the summer, has the heavy rain. Check the solar energy lamp rechargeable batteries are harmful, to do a good job of guard against theft of rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable battery maintenance is the key. If well rechargeable battery, solar lamp will be a long service life.

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