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Solar street lights maintenance when some problems need to be aware of

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-11

solar street lamp is mainly used for road lighting. But if the fault is not timely maintenance, not only will not achieve lighting, also can cause the waste materials. Then sketch the solar street lights maintenance method for everyone. Help people better understand the solar street lamps products.

check solar controller and the accumulator will not bright lights, if not bright, then look at the controller and the accumulator of the cable is disconnected, if the cable is normal, the multimeter to check the accumulator voltage, the voltage is normal, if the accumulator is the controller problem, replace a controller to see if normal use. Then check that the controller whether load indicator lights up. Using a multimeter to test whether the output voltage. If there is no voltage output, please replace the controller. Finally, check whether the LED drive input voltage is normal, check the LED driver fuse are in good condition. If the fuse is normal, the multimeter to check the LED driver output voltage is normal. If normal, directly replace a lamp holder. If not normal, use multimeter to test the LED driver output voltage is normal. And then switch to the LED driver.

that is in a process of solar street lights maintenance, hope can help you better understand the working principle of solar street lamps, and the process of maintenance.

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