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Solar street lights maintenance will be three questions

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-12

to some extent, the structure of the solar street light lamp is much simpler than the traditional. Installation is not so trouble. Accordingly, solar street lights maintenance and more simple. But this does not mean that the problems such as the road, can be arbitrary processing, if there is a street light is not bright, you will need to find the root cause of the problem.

1。 Before installation should avoid this problem. Wooded if installing solar street lamp, solar panels, jams, solar panels will not be able to ensure normal power of storage battery. So where to install solar street light must not shelter, especially during the summer, to pay more attention to this problem.

2。 In addition to be installed in the right environment, to avoid blocking, usually pay attention to check the solar panels, solar street light. If there is dirt, snow, etc. , it will also affect the absorption of light energy, which will affect the lighting. So usually check should be paid attention to ensure panel surface clean. If no problem, check whether panels and other parts of the joint welding is good. If everything is normal, panels, there is still no current, then may be have received damage, the panel itself best replacement panels.

3。 If the solar street lights began to appear blurred, if there is a problem we should consider the battery. If in the storage battery, controller of red light will light up, after the completion of the battery will flash. If the battery is in a state of power shortage, the controller of the yellow light will light up. The battery problems can be judged according to the status of the controller. If the light not bright may problems of battery voltage.

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