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solar street lights vs traditional street lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-17
Solar energy has swept the world.It gives hope to save the environment.Many solar-So far, electric products have been launched, the most popular of which is the solar street light system.Because of its many advantages, it is a revolutionary product.It brings hope to people, hoping to provide light to hard-to-reach areas through traditional street lights, such as forests and steep hills.
Read on for a detailed comparison of the two lighting systems.As you know, traditional lights use non-Solar lights consume renewable energy.The non-Renewable energy is in the process of disappearing.
Renewable energy should therefore be used.These sources will not have any adverse effects on the environment.This is one of the biggest advantages of solar energy.
The traditional street lamp.
The modern style green energy street light system has LED, which provides clear and better visibility, almost similar to the light you get from the sun.The traditional street lamp usually has a metal halogen lamp, which is far from the LED.Traditional electric vehiclesFor better visibility, the power supply lighting system has started using LED.
Green energy-The power-powered street light system lights up the whole night, regardless of power failure.They are an independent unit;Generate electricity by yourself.The traditional street lamp system depends on the power supply of the power grid.
If a power grid failure is caused, the lights do not work.Comparing these two systems, you can know, solar energy here-The system has already won.The traditional way can provide about 5000 hours, but solar energyThe foundation is ten times that of tradition.
Both need maintenance, but it\'s easy to maintain solar energySince it has separate devices, it is necessary to check their performance from time to time.The traditional way is connected by wires that require thorough inspection to check their function.This is a process and a challenge.A solar-Light-based systems can be installed in any corner of the world.
You can install it in the jungle, in the middle of the ocean and the hills.It works in every corner, but the traditional lighting system is not easy to install anywhere.It needs the right wire system to work.In terms of price, traditional street lamps are cheaper than solar street lamps.
There are a lot of solar-related equipment.Based on lighting, so the cost is higher.But it\'s a long process.Regular investment plan
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