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Some frequently asked questions about DALI

Some frequently asked questions about DALI


Regarding DALI, from unfamiliar to familiar, it is accepted by more and more customers in the market because of its unique control advantages. Here, based on our project experience, some common DALI questions have been sorted out and answered. I hope that I can offer some ideas and exchange ideas here.


Q1: What is DALI?

A: DALI is the acronym for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface", which translates as "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface". It is the internationally open lighting control communication protocol IEC62386, which specifies the digital communication control method between electronic ballasts, control units and various sensors. That is to say, DALI is a protocol specially used for lighting control. It can control each lamp individually, realize the control of brightness, color temperature, color, etc., control the lamps in groups, and set different scenes.


Q2: What are the characteristics of DALI?

A: The biggest feature of DALI technology is that a single lamp has an independent address, and a single lamp or lamp group can be accurately dimmed through the DALI system. DALI system software can independently address single or multiple lamps on the same circuit or different circuits, so as to realize individual control and arbitrary grouping. Therefore, the DALI dimming system is controlled according to the DALI address and is not restricted by the loop, which brings great flexibility to the lighting control.


Q3: What is the maximum transmission distance of DALI?

A: The maximum transmission distance of DALI is 300 meters, which is limited by the resistance of the signal wire and other factors. It is recommended that the actual use distance be less than 300 meters as much as possible.


Q4: When the DALI power supply is connected to the DALI controller, the light appears dimly when the light is turned off, but the light does not turn off?

A: Most of the cases are caused by insufficient creepage distance or insulation level of the lamp design, which can be solved after the lamp shell is grounded.


Q5: How many lamps and lanterns can the DALI system carry?

A: A standard DALI system can carry up to 64 components with independent addresses. The maximum current provided by the DALI system is 250mA, which is a limitation of the DALI system. If a DALI system has more than 64 independent addresses or the system current is greater than 250mA, the signal will be attenuated, distorted, and cause system errors. Some components may not be able to communicate, and the system will run unstable.


Q6: How to solve the problem after more than 64 lamps in the DALI system?

A: A standard DALI bus link can control 64 lights. If this number is exceeded, another DALI bus link is needed to control it.


Q7: Can the DALI dimming power supply light up without connecting the signal?

A: Yes. As long as it is correctly connected to the mains, the lamps using DALI power supply do not connect to the DALI signal line, and they can also light up like ordinary lamps (the default brightness is all bright).


Q8: How to choose an address when replacing DALI equipment?

A: When the DALI dimming control system runs for a period of time, some DALI equipment may fail and need to be replaced:

①. If only one DALI device is replaced

DALI equipment does not have parameters such as address, grouping, scene, etc. when it leaves the factory. The old DALI device can be simply replaced with a new one, so that the system can be simply addressed. The address automatically obtained by this new DALI device is the address of the old device. However, the groups and scenes need to be reprogrammed. It is best to save the specific values (groups and scenes) of the system after the initial commissioning, and the parameters of the new equipment should be the same as those during the initial commissioning.

②. If you need to replace two or more DALI devices

If two or more devices are replaced, the new device will get any free address. The device needs to be assigned a specific short address (the same as the old one), and each device needs to be replaced separately.

We recommend that before installing and replacing a new device, restore it to its factory settings, that is, delete the address and all the parameters that have been set. Therefore, when the device is installed, the problem of duplicate addresses will not occur during the debugging process.


Q9: What is the difference between DALI DT6 and DT8?

A: Simply put, dimming requires one channel to achieve control, and color temperature also requires one channel to achieve control. At the same time, dimming and color temperature require two channels to achieve. The DT6 driver is a single address and single channel. If you need to adjust the color temperature, you need two addresses to control; the DT8 driver is a single address and dual channel. If you need to adjust the color temperature, one address can be used to control.


Q10: What is DALI-2? What is the difference between DALI-2 and DALI Version-1?

A: DALI-2 is the second major version of the DALI protocol standard IEC62386, which is DALI Version 2. The upgrade of DALI-2 on the basis of DALI includes:

①. Fix the errors and shortcomings of version 1.0, such as more detailed and strict transmission timing requirements, and remove some unused feature requirements.

②. Some new features have been added. DALI-2 significantly improves the interoperability of products from different manufacturers.

③. The test process of DALI-2 is more detailed and complete, and it is constantly checked and updated.

④. Compulsory certification. Compulsory certification requirements are put forward for products that comply with the latest DALI standard DALI-2, and DiiA has formulated specific methods and procedures.


Q11: Is the DALI-2 control device compatible with the original DALI system?

A: In the original DALI system, there is no problem using DALI-2 control device. DALI-2 is designed for backward compatibility.

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