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Some matters need to pay attention to when producing solar street lamps

by:CHZ     2020-10-15

when using solar street lights will encounter a series of problems, today say me how to do solar street lamps controller to operate.

1, the query work mode and work time, can be in inside the battery short press set button, greater than zero. 5 seconds can search work mode and work time.

2, set up working mode: press set button is more than four seconds, until the flashing out.

Settings: 3, advocate the lamp work time into the work mode and then press set button until the flashing, symbols change after remove.

LED technology is a popular technique, used in a variety of fields, such as building lighting, home lighting, or even a road lighting, and other aspects, the continuous development of LED lighting technology to solar street lamp, to introduce for everybody below is how to make the solar street lamps.

use solar power supply device for the play very interesting. This flash also won't let you down, let the solar gadgets work for several years!

flash circuit includes a rechargeable nickel cadmium battery.

when sunlight on the solar array is converted into electrical energy; Current through the two tube, at the same time to the rechargeable battery and bulb flash device. During the day, that is, a light case, there is power in a charge for the flash device; At night, the light stopped, by storing in the electricity power supply. Only when no light so that the battery for a long time after the electricity, the device to stop work.

a common led tube ( 领导) Controlled by the integrated circuit. Have repeatedly switched on and off the circuit of development need not two tube. Capacitance is the timing capacitor led tube twinkle.

a more simple type flash device can use flashing led tube, flash needed components are placed in the inside led tube.

all in all, when the sun solar cells work when the power supply circuit. And if out of circuit nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries, this device only in the sunlight or lamplight illuminate the battery to work. On the other hand, if you just want the batteries, remove the solar cells and two tube.

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