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South Korea 555 meters the highest building up Chinese subtitles: wuhan gas

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-21

on February 18, according to the website of the Chinese embassy in South Korea, on February 17th night local time, is located in Seoul, South Korea, South Korea's tallest skyscraper, famous landmarks lotte world tower lights in China. Building facade is as high as 555 meters play the 'wuhan refueling' subtitles, with light support to fight the new crown pneumonia disease in China.

picture sources: the Chinese embassy in South Korea site

it is reported that the lotte world tower lights 'solidarity' activities from 17 evening local time, a 10-day, 18 to 22 when lit every night Seoul time cheer for China han slogan, aims to show the Korean people and the people of the world with China, resolutely fight against new crown pneumonia outbreak of confidence and determination.

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