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South Korea plans to limit the OLED equipment exports to China, to prevent technology leaks

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-20

according to south Korean media reports, the south Korean government is planning to OLED devices as the core technology of the country, and export restrictions to prevent technology leaks.

a few days ago, south Korean trade, industry and energy ( MOTIE) And display equipment company held a meeting to discuss the OLED devices listed as national key technology. Once become national core technology, its exports and business mergers and acquisitions must be approved by the government.

it is understood that the measure is made by samsung supplier Toptec after leakage 'technology' and put forward. Previously, the display panel related design, processing, production and regulated. Display maker

South Korea samsung and LG to master the key technology of the OLED panel. In order to maintain its advantage and to reduce the impact of China's expansion, the south Korean government will intensify the limitation on the OLED devices.

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