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Spain's biggest ICU with spectral tuning lighting, complete match with natural daylight

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-11

according to the report, Barcelona, Spain, Barcelona) Advanced hospital ICU ( The intensive care unit) Equipped with spectral tuning lighting, its spectral output can be adjusted to the complete match with natural daylight.

it is understood that Barcelona Vall d settlers' hospital equipment adopted seven LED light engine, across the visible light range, spectral power distribution without any gap.

flat spectral curve by carefully combined with unimodal LED phosphors and LED to achieve, and the wavelength drift through airborne spectroradiometer feedback to compensate.

the message pointed out that Meritxell Carreras scientists have developed due to the lighting lamps and lanterns, aimed at the dynamic simulated sunlight, and people for lighting in theory can be adjusted to match the alone any spectral features. It is reported, Meritxell Carreras is Barcelona Ledmotive CEO of the company.

the leadership of the Barcelona hospital ICU Ricard Ferrer said the doctor, when there is a serious problems, such as cardiac arrest, ICU can provide correct for professionals to take care of the patient's condition.

all patient information to connect to the monitor screen of a smart, hospital staff can monitor the progress on the screen. At the same time, the patient ward before installed the blue light, if they are about to enter critical condition and blue light will warn you, the door will open automatically to the relevant personnel to enter.

in addition, in the ICU bed 'smart' also connects the intelligence screen, passing the information such as weight, action and posture, so they won't keep still for a long time, and will also fall warnings.

reports suggest that the replaced before the ICU ward, expanded the area of 3500 square meters, provide 56 patients with independent space, is one of the country's largest intensive care unit, the budget of 20 million euros.

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