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Street lamp belongs to what works, what is the role

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-03

here from the street lamp renovation company to introduce the street reconstruction is to belong to what project, it is what is the role.

small make up feel street lamp is designs city-lighting project. For street lamps transformation is to improve all aspects of the performance, the street lamp lighting for people.

when village street lamps use time is six years, and its height is in five meters, also many times maintenance, its brightness can not meet the requirements, this village street lamps for brightness is to ascend, the brightness is not small and strong. Since the size of the brightness are all will have an effect on people's lives. So it is can pass the test to decide whether to install the lamp wattage. So to modify the brightness of the lamp, thus convenient people are home at night, night walk etc.

when the street lights for long time is there will be a corrosion phenomenon, this is going to be easy leakage and collapse accidents, so traffic is bigger, is danger. So be on the street reconstruction project, it is can be removed, the old street lamp to dismantle the old lamp posts are placed in the designated place, on the street lamp wire processing, then the engineering supervision, the street light project about the amount of time is in 20 days.

this is a small make up by two case to introduce what is a street lamp, its role. Believe you also have a understanding, street reconstruction for people, provides a convenient, create a good life. So when everyone is needed for the modification of the street lamp, can understand the detailed information is with your company.

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