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Street lamp lighting installation should pay attention to what problem

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-02

when installing a street lamp lighting, the main use of lamps and lanterns is divided into light, high lamp, floodlight, and floodlight. The specific construction can be divided into the following process: excavation to embedded anchor bolts, foundation concrete pouring to inspection and installation of lamps and lanterns, connection and debugging and acceptance of lamps and lanterns. Of light and the light in the excavation of foundation pit should be artificial, and USES the concrete pouring. We'll be the first to advance the anchor bolt, thus ensuring the stability of the light pole base. In the design phase, design personnel according to the requirements of foundation pit excavation depth and size to determine its control within the scope of permissible deviation, if more than one permissible deviation, we want to grouting treatment, thereby. Control the size of the foundation pit. Embedded in the concrete of more than 20 times the diameter of the bolt length, to ensure the stability of the follow-up work. Foundation concrete template appropriate USES steel quality, its high surface smoothness, tight joint. In the street lamp lighting installation should pay attention to the following:

1, the design requirements is the basis of a light pole size of foundation pit excavation. The concrete strength grade is higher than C20. Cable sheath to connect basic parts at the same time, higher plane 30 - at the same time 50mm。 But before pouring to the water in the foundation pit.

2, lamps and lanterns efficiency shall be not less than 60%, guarantee the light fittings is complete, the lamps and lanterns before use should be paid more attention to whether there is any mechanical damage, deformation, such as paint falls off phenomenon.

3, lamps and lanterns lamp appropriate USES heat pipe, as far as possible the clearance between the lamp holder and the tailstock.

4, chimney light transmittance over 90%, at the same time to ensure that no air bubbles, lamps and lanterns surface have no obvious scratches.

5, the lamps and lanterns of temperature sampling and optical performance test, ensure to comply with relevant standards.

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