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Street lamp lighting radiator why there will be a problem?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-01

in today's increasingly tense energy, energy conservation is everyone's responsibility. In response to the call for saving energy, for the street lamp lighting manufacturers are also constantly improve the product structure, energy-saving lamps and lanterns more green environmental protection, now on the market more common street lighting lamps and lanterns is the led lights, but most of the time the product quality is uneven, and also makes a lot of consumer choice, set up a lot of street light bright and bright after the purchase, appear this kind of problem, because most of the street lamp radiation capability more bad, so what are the cause of poor street lamp radiator?

1。 If you use the chip thermal conductivity is poorer, so the temperature of the lamp tube core can't row, will lead to backlog of temperature in the interior of the lamps and lanterns, especially some inferior lamps and lanterns is not equipped with the radiator, will make the problem worse.

2。 Some lamps and lanterns of the power supply quality is not very good, when the current passes through, will cause a current of lamps and lanterns of chip increases, leading to a rise in temperature, affect the cooling performance of street lamps, resulting in lamps flickering problems.

so for lighting lamps, affect the heat dissipation of the most important two reasons outside chip and power supply quality is good or bad, so consumers in lamps and lanterns of choose and buy when, can focus on these two issues, for street light, this is also a very good security.

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