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Street lamp lighting which help bring urban lighting?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-02

street lighting is indispensable to every place is a kind of rope, because of the existence of the street, we can travel at night to get a good security. When the night comes, is street lamp to illuminate the road for us on the road, so that we can maintain normal travel. It can be said that our life has been inseparable from the street lamp, let's say the importance of street lamp lighting for designs city-lighting project.

designs city-lighting, through a variety of light sources to make the night scenery of the city become more beautiful. And street lamps, as one of the main light source is very important. May feel less than what you are on the road, but if you stand on high, or distance, we can feel very well of street lamp lighting lighting effect.

lines of the road at the side of street lamp crisscross each other, drawn into a beautiful at night. So street lamp also is to have cultured very much, can't let dense in some places, some places are too loose, so whether it's for illumination, or brighten the appearance is very bad. Use proper we need to put the lamp effect, it is necessary to keep a certain distance between them, also want to ensure there is no dark Angle between them, not much light overlap.

street lighting can add a lot of color for night view of the city, so we in the design to calculate carefully, considering.

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